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Dental Hygiene Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

  Tooth decay can develop slowly and go undetected for a long time. When left untreated, tooth decay puts you at risk of having tooth infections and possibly needing to have a root canal or tooth extractions done. However, there are ways to prevent tooth decay from occurring through good dental hygiene habits. What Is […]

Reducing Tooth Discomfort Before Having a Root Canal

Tooth pain and discomfort can be difficult to cope with, especially when you are unable to get treatment right away. When you have pain from tooth decay or other dental problems, a root canal might be the most suitable type of treatment. However, you might need to wait to have this procedure done, such as when tooth […]

6 Questions to Ask Your Endodontist Before Your Procedure

Tooth decay and other dental problems don’t always result in the need for a tooth extraction. Endodontic procedures, such as root canal treatment, provide a way to save your natural teeth and repair damage. Since these types of procedures require endodontists to perform repairs inside your teeth, you might feel nervous or unsure about what to […]

What Is an Abscessed Tooth? Do I Have One?

If you’re dealing with tooth or jaw pain, you might be wondering whether you have an abscessed tooth. Or perhaps you’ve heard the term elsewhere but aren’t sure exactly what it means. At Largo Endodontics, we want all our patients to understand their dental health, including terms like this one. Below, we’ll cover everything you […]

Easing Your Fear of the Dentist

Do you get nervous, even fearful, when it’s time to visit the dentist? Maybe you even experience other more intense symptoms of anxiety, like shortness of breath, upset stomach, weakness, or trembling. If so, you’re dealing with fear of the dentist, or dental anxiety.   What Is Dental Anxiety? Dental anxiety describes a person who […]

Why See an Endodontist for Dental Trauma

When you have a tooth injury, you might worry about losing the affected tooth permanently and needing to have it replaced. While these injuries can be severe, such as having a tooth knocked out or fractured, seeing an endodontist can help you save your tooth. Endodontists are able to perform root canals to save teeth […]

Pregnancy and Root Canals – Is It Safe?

One question we receive frequently from pregnant patients is whether various types of dental and endodontic care are safe during pregnancy. Are you facing an upcoming root canal or other dental treatment during pregnancy? Here’s what you need to know. Is It Safe to Get a Root Canal During Pregnancy? The short answer is yes: getting a […]

Are Sensitive Teeth a Sign I Need a Root Canal?

You might have sensitive teeth occasionally, such as when cold air hits your teeth outside or when you’re drinking a hot beverage. Eating ice cream or other cold foods might also cause your teeth to feel sensitive. When you have sensitivity that is severe or doesn’t go away with other treatments, a root canal might […]

Tooth Pain and Sinus Infections: Are They Linked?

Just about no matter where you live, springtime is beautiful. There’s new life everywhere you turn, and all sorts of plants and flowers are coming into bloom. This is especially true here in the Largo/Clearwater area of sunny Florida. Unfortunately, all that growth has a huge downside for many Floridians: seasonal allergies and sinus issues. […]

Tips for Caring for Your Root Canal Post-Op

When you need a root canal for tooth decay or other dental problems, you might be nervous about this procedure. Root canals are done in a way that minimizes discomfort, but what can you expect afterward? Since this procedure is an invasive one, it’s important to know how to care for your tooth post-op. The […]