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What to Do When a Tooth Hurts

Dealing with a toothache? Mild tooth pain can be a nuisance. But more severe pain can easily ruin your day. Infections, tooth decay, tooth fractures, and other dental issues can cause this kind of pain. How can you find relief? Some medications help ease tooth pain temporarily. You may need to have a procedure done, […]

5 Benefits of Lasers for Better Root Canals

When you need to have a root canal done, you might be nervous. This is an invasive procedure that involves having the inside part of your tooth treated. You might worry that it will be painful. Or you might worry about complications. But advancements in endodontics technology can help ease your mind. Biolase offers a […]

Endodontist vs. Periodontist: Which Should You See?

Your dentist can provide cleanings and treat minor tooth or gum problems. But certain problems with your teeth or gums may require specialized care. You might need to see an endodontist for a tooth root infection. If you have severe gum disease, you might need to seek care from a periodontist. How do you know […]

Advancements in Root Canal Therapy – Nothing to Fear

Root canals have a reputation for being painful procedures that people try to avoid. However, advancements in endodontics have made significant improvements to root canal therapy. Knowing more about the truth behind old misconceptions can help ease any fears you have about this procedure. It’s also helpful to learn more about new advancements in root […]

Can Teeth Infections Cause Sinusitis?

When you have a stuffy or runny nose, allergies, and common colds aren’t necessarily the cause. Inflamed sinuses, known as sinusitis, can also cause these symptoms to occur. Sinusitis can also result in other unpleasant symptoms, such as facial pressure and pain. When certain sinuses in your face are inflamed, you might also experience pain […]

Is an Apicoectomy Safe?

When you have inflammation in the tip of your tooth root, your dentist might recommend having an apicoectomy done. An apico dental procedure involves removing the affected part of the root to ease inflammation. Although this is a common procedure, you might wonder how safe it is. Learning more about having an apicoectomy done can […]

Avoiding Dental Extractions With Root Canals

When you have tooth problems, such as decay or dental trauma, you might worry that you’ll need to have your teeth removed and have veneers, implants, or bridges inserted. While these can replace natural teeth, they won’t feel or function the same. Fortunately, you might not need a tooth extraction done after all. Root canals […]

Dental Hygiene Tips for Preventing Tooth Decay

  Tooth decay can develop slowly and go undetected for a long time. When left untreated, tooth decay puts you at risk of having tooth infections and possibly needing to have a root canal or tooth extractions done. However, there are ways to prevent tooth decay from occurring through good dental hygiene habits. What Is […]

What Is an Abscessed Tooth? Do I Have One?

If you’re dealing with tooth or jaw pain, you might be wondering whether you have an abscessed tooth. Or perhaps you’ve heard the term elsewhere but aren’t sure exactly what it means. At Largo Endodontics, we want all our patients to understand their dental health, including terms like this one. Below, we’ll cover everything you […]