choosing Gentlewave procedure
for effective root canals

Root canal therapy involving manual instruments has been the traditional way to eliminate infected tissue inside teeth. Although it’s safe and effective, this procedure can cause patients some discomfort. The GentleWave Procedure offers a minimally invasive way to treat tooth infections.

This innovative technology involves using a combination of sonic energy and fluids to remove infected pulp and clean the canals inside teeth. This helps clear up infections and prevents them from spreading, while also preserving natural teeth. Largo Endodontics now offers GentleWave for some patients who need a root canal. Find out more about how this procedure works and what kinds of benefits it offers.

How Does the GentleWave Procedure Work?

GentleWave uses multisonic technology and procedure fluids to thoroughly clean and disinfect teeth, even in areas that are tough to reach. Multiple acoustic frequencies help break up debris inside teeth, including the bacteria that cause infections. A vortex of procedure fluids then flows through the root canals, carrying this debris with it. GentleWave produces negative pressure at the end of the root, which keeps the fluids inside the root canal system until they are removed via vacuuming. This leaves behind clean tooth interiors and helps promote faster healing from tooth infections.

What Benefits Does GentleWave Offer?

GentleWave root canal therapy offers several benefits compared to standard root canals, including improved outcomes overall. The benefits of this high-tech cleaning procedure include:

  • Enhanced cleaning process that reaches the tiniest and most remote areas of the root canal system
  • Faster healing process
  • Lower risk of pain during and after the procedure
  • One visit only rather than multiple
  • Dentin preservation for stronger natural teeth
  • Lower risk of irritation in tissue surrounding the affected teeth
  • Reduced risk of reinfection as root canal system is cleaned and sealed

What to Expect from GentleWave

The GentleWave Procedure starts with having your tooth numbed and a small hole drilled into it for access. Our endodontist, Dr. Ernest Rillman, then places the GentleWave instrument on your tooth, and the cleaning process begins. This involves the use of procedure fluids and multisonic energy to loosen and gather debris and bacteria. The procedure fluids leave the outflow port without affecting any surrounding tissue outside the root canal system. Dr. Rillman removes the instrument and fills your root canals with material to prevent reinfection. Once this is done, you’ll typically either have a temporary or permanent crown placed on your tooth to seal it. The treated teeth usually heal fully within 12 months.

Who Is a Good Candidate for GentleWave?

Patients with complex root canal cases are generally suitable candidates for the GentleWave procedure. These cases typically include those with a tough root canal case due to the type of tooth being treated, where the infection is located, or complex dental anatomy. Dr. Rillman evaluates patients to determine if they are good candidates for the GentleWave procedure.

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