How to Make the Most of Your Dental Insurance

Dental insurance works a bit differently than medical insurance, so it’s a good idea to dive in to understand it, so you can take full advantage of everything it offers. We hope that our tips below will help you make the most of each monthly payment towards dental insurance to not only get the most out of it but also to make you smile bigger :D. 

Get to know your plan

Many people don’t end up getting the most out of their dental insurance simply because they don’t take the time to learn what exactly is covered under your plan. Where medical insurance has no limit on the annual spend, just a deductible, dental insurance often has a limit on the cost of treatments each year. For example, dental insurance may only cover up to $2,000 in treatments in 1 year, and any expenses after that are out of pocket. So dental insurance is more like a gift card that needs to be used.

Don’t hesitate to ask your Dental Provider what all your insurance will cover, and your treatment cost limits. Not only will you be more focused on when to schedule treatments, but you will also avoid any surprises down the line.


Go over your explanation of benefits

An explanation of benefits is issued to both you and your Dentist each time a claim has been paid (or denied). Be sure to read over this notice so you are aware of the process and how to react if necessary. Your dental office should also walk you through what to expect for each treatment you need, and each claim that is submitted. 


Know your annual limits and use it

Many patients are unaware of the annual limit established by their insurance provider. Being aware of your annual limit comes in especially handy when you need a multi-part procedure such as a root canal. For example, you could schedule a root canal treatment at the end of the year to use up benefits, and then schedule your crown placement at the beginning of January. While it doesn’t always work like this, your dental office will walk you through the options to take the best advantage of using annual limits.


Schedule treatment when you are eligible for the most dental insurance coverage.

If you can, try to plan out your more complex dentistry. For example, if you are near the end of your plan’s year and you’ve already maxed out year dental coverage cap, ask your Dentist or Endodontist if you can schedule the non-urgent treatment after your cap resets. This can help you minimize out-of-pocket costs.


The more you know about your dental plan and available benefits, the better prepared you’ll be to get the dental care you want and need. And as we know, dental needs never come at a planned or convenient time. It’s always when you least expect it that you get a toothache or cracked tooth so be sure to plan ahead. Our office will be happy to answer any questions you have along the way. Contact us here and let us know how we can help!